25 Ewing Way, Stewarton KA3 5HJ

Shetland bound….

Michael set off last Thursday morning for the Shetland Isles with a 4.15m x 13m storage tank. Police Escort from Beith to Glasgow Airport then on to Aberdeen Docks on a self-escort. Arriving in plenty time for the boat we thought we were in for an easy afternoon….. Oh how wrong we were…..

Due to tide heights in Aberdeen there was a 2metre rise from the dock to the boat, this massively reducing the 40mm clearance we had to get on the boat. The Northlink crew were brilliant and determined they would get this load on the boat safely…. they did, but not by much!

A quick professional tandem lift by R.S. Henderson of Shetland had the tank on the ground within 2 hours of disembarking the ferry…… Michael even had time for a freshly caught Fish and Chips in the old Lerwick Harbour before boarding the ferry on Friday night for home.